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Smart home is a whole integrated automatic system, including indoor and outdoor areas that bring comfort, prestige, safety & lifestyle to home owners. All central connect products are connected in one application from all electronic equipment such as air conditioning, TV, sensors, curtains, CCTV can be controlled, easily accessible and all fully automatic from your smartphone, wherever and whenever you are. With the Smart home system from Central Connect, your home is ready to welcome you, starting from the room temperature that suits you, and the lighting that turns on automatically

Smart Cluster is a sophisticated system integrated in one application system which functions to develop interaction between occupants to carry out maintenance and purchase of household necessities at a more affordable price. The security system for your residence will be very well maintained because it can be directly monitored through a single application system for a various functions. Also the forum that can help fellow residents to keep interacting even though they don’t have to meet face to face.

Smart Community is a system that can connect residents with residents, residents with nearby businesses and other supporting interaction ecosystems that aim to facilitate every activity that your home needs without leaving your home.